kubeflow.fairing.builders.append package


kubeflow.fairing.builders.append.append module

class kubeflow.fairing.builders.append.append.AppendBuilder(registry=None, image_name='fairing-job', base_image='gcr.io/kubeflow-images-public/fairing:dev', push=True, preprocessor=None)

Bases: kubeflow.fairing.builders.base_builder.BaseBuilder

Builds a docker image by appending a new layer tarball to an existing base image. Does not require docker and runs in userspace.

  • base_image – Base image to use for the build (default: {constants.DEFAULT_BASE_IMAGE})
  • image_name – image name to use for the new image(default: {constants.DEFAULT_IMAGE_NAME})
  • preprocessor – Preprocessor{BasePreProcessor} to use to modify inputs before sending them to docker build
  • push – Whether or not to push the image to the registry

Will be called when the build needs to start

timed_push(transport, src, img, dst)

Push image to the registry and log the time spent to the log

  • transport – the http transport to use for sending requests
  • src – repo from which to mount blobs
  • img – the image to be pushed
  • dst – the fully-qualified name of the tag to push

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